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April.2016 Developed Cup type Dual Strip Grinding System(SG-2000D)
April.2015 Developed Dual Pressure oven
May.2015 Conclusion of a Agent contract with China TELTEC
May.2015 Developed Blade type Dual Strip Grinding System(SG-1000D)
April.2015 Conclusion of a Agent contract with Taiwan HAUMAN
Mar.2015 Developed Dual on off Loader.
Nov.2014 Conclusion of a Agent contract with Philippine RNM
Mar.2013 Developed Single Strip Grinding System(SG-1000)
Mar.2013 Developed Vision system
Oct.2011 Developed Pressure oven
Oct.2008 Developed On/Off Loader System
Mar.2007 Developed Air Blow System
Jan.2005 ISO 9001:2000 KSA 9001:2001 Certification
Feb.2001 Developed MLF SINGULATION system
Oct.2000 Changed company name to SUHWOO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD
Jan.1998 Export to TOSHIBA in Japan.(Trim/Form Spare Parts)
Dec.1996 ISO 9002 Certification
Dec.1994 Export to Matsushita Electronics Co.,Ltd. in Japan.
Aug.1993 Developed Tie bar cut punch/die for MQFP 256LD(Pitch0.4mm)
Oct.1990 SUHWOO PRECISION CO.,LTD. Established.